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Digital images of selected manuscripts held in physical format at George M. Jones Memorial Library, 2311 Memorial Avenue, Lynchburg, VA 24501


George M. Jones Memorial Library


George M. Jones Memorial Library




George M. Jones Memorial Library


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Collection Items

James Steptoe Letter to Frances Langhorne, 16 October 1821 (MS 1006)
Image of handwritten letter from James Steptoe to Frances Langhorne dated 16 October 1821.

Abraham K. Hanna (1926-1864) Letters (MS 1008)
Collection of letters written by Abraham K. Hanna (1926-1864) to his wife Elizabeth A. Hanna following the Battle of Lynchburg in June 1864.

Hanna was wounded and his foot amputated; he subsequently died of his injuries on 13 August 1864 and…

Three Civil War Letters from Azariah F.M. Haynes to Harriet J. Cocke  (MS 1032, Folder 2-6)
Three letters written from Azariah F.M. Haynes to Harriet J. Cocke of Lynchburg, Virginia dated 4 June 1862, 15 March 1864, and 28 March 1965

John McBratney and His Mother around 1870 (MS 1041, Folder 1-3)
Photograph of a woman and boy with print at bottom "T Plimmer" and "Belfast". Handwritten on reverse "John McBratney + his Mother about 1870". Printed on reverse "Miniature and Portrait Painter T. Plimmer Portrait and Landscape Photographer 10…

Letter to H.E. Steptoe, 10 January 1944
Images of a letter written from Lady Nancy Astor to her cousin, Hampden E. Steptoe, on 10 January 1944 from Cliveden, Taplow, Bucks [England]. Also included is a transcription of the letter and an image of the front and back envelope showing the…

E.C. Glass High School Dedication Program
Program for the October 1953 dedication of E.C. Glass High School in Lynchburg, Virginia

Southern Railway Company letter to Lynchburg Red Cross
Letter from Southern Railway Company to Lucile McWane of the Lynchburg Red Cross dated 07 September 1918. The letter notes an increase in the meal allowance per soldier from 60 cents to 75 cents.

American Red Cross Bureau of Canteen Service report
Report on Canteen Services dated 04 January 1919 for the American Red Cross Bureau of Canteen Service for the canteen at Lynchburg, Virginia. The report indicates that during the month of December 1918 more than 23,000 soldiers were served and 15…

Helen Keller Letter to Mr. Graves
Letter from Helen Keller to Mr. Graves dated 26 March 1946 in which Keller requests financial support for the Committee on the Deaf-Blind of America.
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