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John and Richard S. ELLIS Cash Book 1814-1816 - MS 1064.pdf
Finding aid to the John and Richard S. Ellis Cash Book 1814-1815 held at Jones Memorial Library

Thomas JEFFERSON (1743-1826) Note to Doctor STEPTOE - MS 1776.pdf
Finding aid to the Thomas Jefferson Note to Doctor Steptoe held at Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg, Virginia. The note was written in September 1815 and includes an invitation to breakfast and a botanical expedition.

Rose Mills Account Book - MS 1039.pdf
Finding aid to the Rose Mills account book held at Jones Memorial Library

Digital scan of handwritten note from Thomas Jefferson to William Steptoe dated 13 September 1815.

In the note, Jefferson invites Dr. Steptoe to breakfast with Mr. Correa, Mr. Gilmer, and Jefferson on a botanical expedition.

William Steptoe…
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