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Scanned image of a document dated Savannah 15 May 1844 signed John William. This document may represent the purchase of sale of an enslaved person named George. The document is partially torn and incomplete.

The document is part of Jones Memorial…

James Peter WILLIAMS (1844-1893) Papers - MS 1077.pdf
Finding aid to the James Peter Williams (1844-1893) Papers held at Jones Memorial Library

George Washington CLEMENT (1819-1910) Account Books - MS 1049.pdf
Manuscript finding aid for the George Washington Clement (1819-1910) Account Books held at Jones Memorial Library. There are two account books, for 1857-1858 and 1840-1850.

T. B. and Company Account Books - MS 1044.pdf
Manuscript finding aid to the T.B. and Company account books held at Jones Memorial Library
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