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First Federal Rivermont.pdf
Digital images of working drawings for the First Federal Saving1146, s and Loan Rivermont Branch in Lynchburg, Virginia. Original drawings are held at the Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg, LAA 8156, ID location T-1093.The drawings were created by…

JML LAA 4139 Rivermont Presbyterian Church Additions.pdf
Scanned images of architectural plans for 1980 addition to the Rivermont Presbyterian Church at 2424 Rivermont Avenue in Lynchburg, Va. The plans are held in physical format at Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg.

Images of registration forms for Lynchburg area properties listed with the National Register of Historic Places.

Subject Index in Excel format for the Lynchburg Architectural Archives held at Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Jones Memorial Library holds more than 5,000 sets of architectural plans, blueprints, and related materials in physical…

Mundy-Bowen Offices Scans.pdf
Scanned images of Jones Memorial Library Architectural Archive collection 2059, working drawings by Clark Nexsen & Owen for a 1959 medical office alteration for B.K. Mundy & R.R. Bowen at 703 Church Street in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Architectural drawings and plans for 1931 construction of the Martin Science Building at Randolph Macon Woman's College campus in Lynchburg, Virginia. The drawings were completed by architect Stanhope Johnson.

JMLLAAF0552 Forehand Residence.pdf
Digital reproduction of architectural working drawings of residence on Peakland Place in Lynchburg for Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Forehand by Everette J. Fauber, Jr.

Physical plans are held at Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg, Virginia (ID4311,…

Working drawsing (blueprints) for proposed design by J. Everette Fauber, Jr. for a residence on Peakland Place in Lynchburg, Virginia for Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Forehand.

Residential Landscape Plan by Charles F. Gillette for 1555 Link Road in Lynchburg, Virginia.

West Lynchburg Baptist Church Educational Bldg.pdf
Blueprint plans for the May 1962 alteration and addition of an educational building for the West Lynchburg Baptist Church. The education building is located at the Eldon Street and Memorial Avenue. Original plans are held at the Jones Memorial…

Bank of Brookneal (1).pdf
Architectural drawings for the Bank of Brookneal located in Brookneal, Virginia

Drawings and plans of Guggenheimer Memorial Hospital from 1930s

1891 W. Mc. Waugh Property.png
Documents and maps from Oakland Plantation, courtesy of Matthew Hillman donation in 2022. Some materials may be copyright protected.

Drawings and plans for residence at 1104 Wise Street

Guggenheim Memorial Hospital A1.pdf
Architectural plans for the Guggenheimer Memorial Hospital

Architectural drawings and plans for the Court Street Methodist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia
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