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MS1103 American Red Cross canteen service report 04 January 1919.pdf
Report on Canteen Services dated 04 January 1919 for the American Red Cross Bureau of Canteen Service for the canteen at Lynchburg, Virginia. The report indicates that during the month of December 1918 more than 23,000 soldiers were served and 15…

MS1103 Southern Railway Company letter 07 September 1918.pdf
Letter from Southern Railway Company to Lucile McWane of the Lynchburg Red Cross dated 07 September 1918. The letter notes an increase in the meal allowance per soldier from 60 cents to 75 cents.

American Red Cross Canteen Services (1914-1918) - MS 1103.pdf
Finding aid to the American Red Cross Canteen Services collection. The canteen provided melas for train troops being transported from Texas to the East Coast throughout World War I. The canteen was the impetus for the "Lunchberg" nickname for…
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