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Minute Book Geo. M. Jones Library Association.cover.jpg
Digital images of founding documents for the Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg, Virginia. Originals are held in printed format in the library's collection.

Two images from Jones Memorial Library Manuscript collection 1354, Box 1 Folder 1.3. The images depict handwritten meteorological records of daily mean temperature by day for the month of September, years 1874 to 1910.

Handwritten baseball score book recording games of various Lynchburg, Virginia baseball teams, including Dexter, Oceola, Star, Greenwood, Eagle, Atlantic, Union, and Stonewall for the period 1869-1871.

Many pages contain illustrations and doodles.…

Lynchburg Academy of Medicine Records - MS 1082.pdf
Finding aid to the Lynchburg Academy of Medicine Records collection held at Jones Memorial Library

Martin D. RAY (ca. 1831-1910) Postal Records - MS 1083.pdf
Finding Aid to the Martin D. Ray (ca 1831-1910) Postal Records collection held at Jones Memorial Library

Maggie H. BELL (1843-1907) Postal Records - MS 1084.pdf
Finding Aid to the Maggie H. Bell (1843-1907) Postal Records collection at Jones Memorial Library
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