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Digital reproduction of a letter dated 02 October 1950 from Ellen Coolidge Burke at Alexandria Library in Alexandria, Virginia to Lucille Dickerson at Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg, Virginia.

In her letter, Burke requests information about…

JML.InterimCommitteeCityWideLibrary Service.19610224.1.jpg
Scanned reproduction of a two-page mimeographed document entitled "Interim Committee for City-Wide Library Service to Meet March 2nd". The document is a call for a committee intended to establish a taxpayer-supported public library in Lynchburg. The…

Scanned image of the Jones Memorial Library's Report of Dunbar Branch for January 1924 submitted by Anne Spencer and R.D. Harris.

The Dunbar Branch was opened in 1924 in the Dunbar High School in Lynchburg and was the first branch of the Jones…

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