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Anne Spencer report to Maud Campbell March 1927 re Hampton Conference of Librarians.1.jpg
Digital reproduction of a handwritten report by Anne Spencer, Librarian of the Jones Memorial Library Dunbar Branch.

In the report dated March 15, 1927 , Spencer recounts her attendance at a Conference of Librarians held at Hampton, Virginia. …

Campbell to Settle Oct 1923.jpg
Digital reproduction of a series of letters between Jane Maud Campbell, librarian of Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg, and George T. Settle and Rachel Davis Harris of the Louisville Free Public Library. The letters are written in 1923 and…

RDHarris to MCampbell March 1924.1.jpg
Digital reproduction of a letter from Rachel Davis Harris of Western Colored Branch, Louisville Free Public Library, to Jane Maud Campbell at Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg.

The 1924 letter shares that Harris has returned to Louisville…

Scanned image of the Jones Memorial Library's Report of Dunbar Branch for January 1924 submitted by Anne Spencer and R.D. Harris.

The Dunbar Branch was opened in 1924 in the Dunbar High School in Lynchburg and was the first branch of the Jones…

Scanned images of three letters regarding the establishment of the Jones Memorial Library Dunbar Branch in 1924 from scholar Cheryl Knott Malone.

The correspondence includes a letter from Cheryl Knott Malone on 19 February 1999 to Lynn Dodge at…

Manuscript Collection 1396 is the Dunbar High School Library Papers. Four folders are included in this collection.

The papers are from the Dunbar Branch of the Jones Memorial Library. The Dunbar Branch was opened in 1924 at the Paul Laurence…
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