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Lynchburg Glass Corporation Papers.pdf
Manuscript finding aid for the Lynchburg Glass Corporation papers for the period 1923-1926

Business and Professional Women's Club - MS 1025.pdf
Manuscript finding aid to the papers of the BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S CLUB, LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA

The collection includes one folder of records, 1922-1932, of the Business and Professional Women’s club located in Lynchburg, Virginia, and…

Letter to Subscribers Music Lovers'  League - MS 1215.pdf
Finding aid to the Music Lovers' League of Lynchburg, Virginia letter to subscribers dated 10 June 1926.

Julia Winston IVEY Family Collection - MS 1399.pdf
Finding aid to the Julia Winston Ivey Family Collection held at Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg, Virginia. The collection includes photographs, slides, books, notes, and journals.

Dunbarian newsletter 1(7)19270608.pdf
Digital reproduction of Dunbarian newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 7, 08 June 1927. The six-page newsletter is held in photocopied format at Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg, Virginia as Pamphlet File 2784.

Included on page two of the newsletter are…
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